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Excellent Propecia Results

Oct 21, 2020Propecia has been shown to significantly reduce (or even stop) shedding and, in some cases, it can regrow hair that’s been lost. But it doesn’t.

  • Dec 02, 2019Another study found that 66% of men even grew hair back while taking finasteride for hair loss for two years. These studies indicate that finasteride, or Propecia, does seem to.

  • Jan 07, 2013His hair loss was rapidly becoming a Norwood level VI, so we started a trial using 1/4 tab of Propecia (0.25 mg finasteride) daily. The results shown below at 1 and 2 years.

  • Men treated with Propecia were more likely to say that: their bald spot was getting smaller (61 percent vs. 20 percent); the appearance of their hair had improved (77 percent vs. 40 percent);.

Excellent Propecia Results

Excellent Propecia Results

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